The estate of M. Izmailov in Bikovo (suburbs of Moscow)

Today I will show pictures of the unique temple. We went to see it not so long ago. This is the Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God (Christ) in the estate Bikovo, in suburbs of Moscow. It is built in an unusual for the Orthodox Russia Gothic form in 1789 in the estate of M. Izmailov. Her project belongs Bazhenov, the famous russian architect of the 18th century. The temple is active, we went inside and looked around him. There was unusual also (inside the Church is forbidden to take pictures, as usual).

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After a pause

Oh, how much I haven’t written a blog! I abandoned my blog at all, what a pity. Time is running so fast that I did not have time to deal. I admire those people who regularly write to blog. I can not do that.

My difficulty is that I postpone the study of the English language. Pretty difficult to write posts with poor knowledge of the language. I realize that I’m standing in the same place. Once again I’m sad that I did not learn English at school. Now it is much harder to do.

I do not want to give up. I will do “small steps”, possible not often.

Short about my life. At last week we had guests, once again. They stayed in our apartment for several days. There are many visits by guests this year, it happened. I love to cook for guests and do it with pleasure. However, it takes a lot of time. And other cares also.
And one more thing. My friend with her two-month baby are now in reanimation. Daniel was underwent surgery. Now all is well, thank God. I visit them in the hospital in Moscow (I live in suburbs of Moscow).

Such news. I’ll try to write more often.

A Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Some time ago one of my favorite blogs The Iggy Dialogues nominated me for “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. This is so cool that I’m confused 🙂 And as ill luck would have fell a bunch of worries and I almost did not look into the blog. I’m not a good blogger, is not it?

Rules of Award, as I understood it:

– link to the person who nominated you
– display the award and list the rules
– write seven facts about yourself
– nominate 15 other blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

Thanks to Karen and Iggy for nominating me for this  award. This is the first.


Are you serious? Wow!

Rulles I called.

Well, 7 things about me.

  1. I am a pessimist. Alack!
  2. I quit my job and now I like to be a slacker. But soon I’ll have to look for a job because all good things must come to an end (I am a pessimist, I said already :-))
  3. As a child I dreamed of becoming a writer. My dreams still with me.
  4. I am afraid of death. Although the sages say that there is no spoon death. I do not understand what they mean. Maybe I do not have a Faith.
  5. When I quit my job, I started jogging. It gives me a big pleasure. Before I could not believe that it could be so cool.
  6. I think I would be a good mom. But I still have not become a mother, unfortunately.
  7. I dream about the little things and about the great life. In general, I like to dream, what can you see 🙂

And I love smilies 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

My nominations for this award.
Oops. Can I change this part of the rules? Slightly? I’ll name only five blogs because I’m here not so long ago and because I pass my reader’s tape very slowly 🙂 🙂 And one more thing. I’m not going to nominate this blogs because it’s was nominated of this Award more than once, I think. I would like to list my favorite blogs.

  1. Karen, I like you and your photos, it’s wonderful and very inspiring!
  2. I love Iggy! I love Iggy very much! Iggy – my hero 🙂
  3. Wonderful blog about travel. And Andrew was in Russia and wrote about it. Wow!
  4. Poetry! I know English so bad that do not understand many connection of the words:-) It’s a miracle – to write poetry. I very respect it.
  5. I like to read this blog, it interesting.

It’s all. Not all I’ve done according to the rules. I hope it’s not inexcusable.

Thank you!

The visit of guest

Nina against the background of Spasskaya Tower which have Kremlin chimes and Red Kremlin Star on top.

This month turned out a little fussy, but pleasant on the whole. Husband’s mother came to visit us for a week. She live in Bashkortostan, it is 1,400 km from us. Her visit was significant to me and I tried make it memorable for her, how I could. We walked a lot in Moscow, went to the theater, museums, an organ concert, etc. It was great. Sorry I can not tell in detail, this month I completely gave up studying English and I can not connect two words 🙂 Nothing to be to proud. I’ll try write short posts with one-two shots every day for training, I really want to be able to do it.

Well, this is my mother-in-law, Nina. The first day we visited Red Square, admired domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral, The Kremlin Wall, Kazan Cathedral , GUM (big magazin with glass roof and fountain) and other attractions.

After we went to the Yermolova theater and watched the performance “Hamlet”, we loved.

That was the first day of our walks. About next days I will write later.


Festival of fresh flowers in GUM